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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)

Another diagnostic tool for prostate cancer is endorectal MRI of the prostate gland with spectroscopy. This prostate cancer diagnosis is more commonly termed MRS or MRSI. A relatively new radiologic advancement, the MRS is used to image the prostate, the prostatic capsule, and the regional lymph nodes. MRS can be conducted simultaneously. The main difference in these two procedures is the use of a state-of-the-art technological device that analyzes the body’s chemical composition. By using MRS, physicians are able to identify the volume of a prostate tumor and its stage, as well as contrast cancerous tissue to healthy prostate tissue. Cancerous prostate tissue is found to be high in a chemical called choline, while low in another, citrate. Healthy prostate is remains low in choline and high in citrate. Although choline and citrate are critical to the body in opposing amounts, both amino acids are essential components in proper organ functioning.

When the images of both the MRS and MRI agree there is a 75% to 90% accuracy rate. The procedure takes approximately fifty minutes and is used to help determine the probability of localized prostate cancer. The MRS also can be used to verify whether the prostate cancer has spread to seminal vesicles and regional lymph nodes. MRS can be a helpful tool in diagnosing patients who are only suspected of having prostate cancer. The MRS serves as a guide to physicians and enables them to determine the best place to initiate the prostate biopsy and receive the most core samples from the prostate gland.




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