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Incontinence Undergarments

Due to a large number of people with incontinence, most every drugstore now sells adult disposable pads and underpants. Absorbent incontinence products are very useful for managing urinary incontinence in men after prostate cancer treatment.

Within the extensive assortment of products available, some have been made specifically for men. Immediately following radical prostatectomy, incontinence undergarments can be very useful, even necessary. Absorbent incontinence products are designed to “soak up” urine, protecting clothing, furniture, and bedding.

Patients can ask their doctor to recommend which is the best product to suit their individualized needs. Types of incontinence undergarments include:

  • Guards contoured to fit a man’s anatomy with an adhesive strip that allows them to be firmly fixed to underwear.
  • Undergarments hold the pad in place with elasticized legs and a belt attached to the garment with buttons or Velcro.
  • Protective underwear worn like cloth underwear with tabs that refasten so patients can change them without removal of outer clothing.
  • Briefs with elasticized legs and self-adhesive tabs that secure the brief in place.

To avoid unpleasant odor and uncomfortable chafing, change the pad or undergarment often. If not maintained properly, they can contribute to a breakdown of skin and infections. Depending on a person's weight and applied pressure the absorbent products can cause urine to leak out the sides of garments.

Incontinence undergarment may be very helpful, but they can also give the wearer false confidence and permeate an attitude of acceptance. Men who use these products over a long period of time may lose their determination to seek other treatments for incontinence that may provide a cure.


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