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Adoption and Sperm Donation

Prostate cancer treatments may leave many men infertile. For older men this may not be a concern, however, infertility for younger men could alter their lives in drastic ways. If you want to have children, but cannot reproduce biologically after treatment there are options available. Consider adopting a child or receiving a sperm donation.

Many children from all points of the globe need you. Building a family through adoption does not result in a family whose devotion and affection for each other is in any way different from a biologically related family. Adoption means that you are the child’s legal guardian, as if you gave birth to the child. You are responsible for this child’s emotional, physical, financial, and legal well-being. There are many children all over the world who need loving and caring families due to natural disasters, war, and unplanned pregnancies, resulting in social stigma. Whether you decide to adopt from the United States or a foreign country, do your research. Be sure that the adoption agency you decide on is a reputable resource and will offer you legitimate services.

For many couples that are not able to conceive naturally, sperm donation is another option. To choose a donor you can ask a friend or relative to donate sperm or you can purchase sperm from an anonymous donor in a sperm bank. Many questions and issues can arise when sperm is donated; therefore, it is important that all participants in this process receive psychological counseling. To ensure that you obtain healthy sperm, all sperm donors undergo rigorous medical testing. In some cases, once the sperm has been cleared of any complications, the woman’s eggs are harvested. The eggs and sperm are combined, resulting in an embryo that will be inserted in the woman to develop naturally. In other cases, the sperm is directly deposited into the woman’s uterus around the time of ovulation. Whatever the process, be sure to investigate different facilities and their success rates.


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Adoption & Sperm Donation


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