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When you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer you have a right to feel angry, depressed, confused, upset, frightened, and any other negative emotion stemming from your diagnosis. Many patients feel angry at themselves for not having made a lifestyle change or they may feel as though they have been betrayed by their bodies. These emotions are not uncommon, but the truth is, no one knows what causes prostate cancer. There are indicators which can tell men whether they are at risk, but as of now there is nothing that can be done to prevent prostate cancer. You even have the right to feel anger towards your doctor. You may feel that your doctor should have caught the prostate cancer sooner or that your doctor should have been able to tell you to do something differently that could have prevented this diagnosis. Patients have every right to feel these emotions. Just remember that your doctor has been able to diagnose you, and now your doctor will be with you every step of the way. Some doctors also encourage their patients to seek second and third opinions if necessary.

Some men will be frightened, bewildered, or unable to make a decision concerning their prostate cancer treatment. You should not be afraid to seek the emotional support and guidance of the people who care about you, medical or counseling professionals, or spiritual advisors. Some patients who have overcome their prostate cancer now say they look back on their battle with the disease as a time that brought them closer to their spouses, families, and friends and also brought them spiritual clarity as to “what really matters.”

There are also prostate cancer support groups available for patients. Do not underestimate the support and information you can receive from the men who have gone through or who are going through prostate cancer too. Speak with your doctor. Perhaps your doctor can put you in touch with men who have undergone a prostate cancer treatment you are considering. Knowledge of your disease and knowledge of the many ways to combat it are key in defeating cancer.

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